We are a public art practice and cultural consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, and we pay our respect to Elders past and present and future.

We are artists, curators, strategists, collaborators, urbanists and cultural leaders. These roles come together in an expanded practice founded in the relationship between place, technology, community and environment.

We create large-scale public, community and environmental artworks; develop public art and cultural strategies; and collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams on master plans for major urban and regional renewal projects.

We are committed to expanding the potential of public art and cultural practice through our collaborative work with clients, other artists and design professionals, scientists, academics, and communities.

We believe that artists are agents of change and can make a valuable contribution to civic thinking and planning. With our combined experience as artists and strategists, our studio is uniquely placed to offer an innovative approach to the development of vibrant, holistic visions for the future of our public environments, and the way we live in them.

Our aim is to reconnect people with nature, in place and with community. Our projects seek to reveal the invisible, remember the forgotten and imagine the future. We aspire to facilitate inclusive, sustainable and innovative change for communities in today’s increasingly complex and urbanised world.

Studio TCS is led by artists Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford and curator Christiane Statham.

The studio is the evolution of the award winning public art practice Turpin+Crawford Studio. Artist duo Jennifer and Michaelie have been at the forefront of public art practice in Australia since establishing their studio in the 1990s.

They now welcome curator Christiane Statham, who shares their abiding interest in the natural environment, the public domain and the potential of public art and cultural engagement within everyday urban life.

This new partnership will build capacity and add depth and breadth to all aspects of the practice.

Nomanslanding, Ruhrort, Germany

Nomanslanding, Ruhrort, Germany


We understand the complexities of the public domain and the challenges of scale, regulatory requirements and developing communities. Our extensive experience as both artists and strategists allows us to work with clients and their design teams to develop projects from initial strategy through to final artwork delivery.

Our projects are grounded in extensive research. We undertake site visits, consult with communities and other stakeholders, research history, heritage, demographics and environmental conditions and consider the implications of future urban/infrastructure developments and changing technologies.

Our art projects are developed in stages to seamlessly interface with the design and construction process of other design professionals and contractors. These include concept, design development, documentation, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

We work with models at various scales to test form, colour, light, scale and movement. Prototypes assure structural and mechanical outcomes and functional testing includes hydraulic models and wind tunnel performance.

Collaboration is central to our practice. It generates the creative and energetic space of the ‘relationship between’. We work with architects, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial and graphic designers, curators, artists, scientists, academics, engineers, fabricators and communities.

Our studio in Sydney shares space with a group of talented designers and engineers, and benefits from the cross-fertilisation of ideas and skills gathered together in one building. We regularly collaborate with this creative community, which includes structural and mechanical engineers Event Engineering and architects and designers X Squared Design, to generate innovative and award-winning projects.

S(w)ing at ESCAC, Darlinghurst

S(w)ing at ESCAC, Darlinghurst


The dynamic relationship between place, people and the natural environment underpins all of our work. We are interested in the constant flux of life and the possibilities that exist at the interface of urban and natural environments.

Our work is variously sculptural and participatory, permanent and temporary, inter-disciplinary and integrated, educational and activist, conceptual and strategic.

Over the past two decades the studio has developed an expanded public art practice.

We meld multiple modes of practice in a responsive and holistic approach.

Our work includes:

  • Large scale kinetic sculpture animated by wind, water and light. Like urban meditations, these artworks are experienced in time and place through elementally responsive movement
  • Temporary and participatory projects engage communities in wider environmental rehabilitation projects to develop deeper understanding and ongoing custodianship. They are creative, educative and collaborative
  • Integrated environmental art installations are developed within the frame of multi-disciplinary projects and give artistic expression to environmental function
  • Public art and cultural strategies generate frameworks to conceive of creative possibilities at the urban scale resulting in embedded ideas, future projects and potential collaborations